Tubeless Tyre Emergency Puncture Repair Kit

Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair KitA puncture when out on the road can really ruin your day – particularly if it’s in the middle of nowhere.

So it’s very handy to carry around an emergency repair kit – Wemoto’s compact yet comprehensive tubeless tyre puncture repair kit contains everything needed to repair a punctured tyre and get you home, or at least back to a shop or garage where a permanent repair or replacement tyre can be fitted. Unlike an aerosol spray, no residue is left on the inside of the tyre to cause problems when the tyre is removed and replaced.


Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

Repairing a simple puncture with the kit is easy and does not require removal of the tyre;

  • Locate the puncture hole – please note that only punctures in the tread can be replaced. If towards the outside of the tread or in the sidewall, a repair will not be possible and the tyre must be replaced immediately.
  • Insert the T-bar ‘reamer’ tool and work in and out of the puncture hole until it moves smoothly. This both cleans the puncture hole, and makes it large enough to insert the sealant ‘plug’ without breaking it. Remove the ‘reamer’ tool.
  • Thread the sticky sealant strip through the eye of the ‘hook’ tool until it is held by the middle.
  • Push the hook tool (and sealant strip) through the hole
  • Twisting the hook as per the instructions releases the sealant strip, allowing you to pull it out while leaving the sealant to plug the hole.
  • Trim off any excess sealant with a knife.

Plugging the puncture is useless if the tyre is so flat it’s dangerous to drive – the repair kit is provided with two compressed CO2 canisters which you can use to get you to the nearest petrol station to fully re-inflate your tyre. Driving for any length of time on an under-inflated tyre can damage the tyre structure so fully re-inflating the tyre once the plug is sealed is a priority.

These kits are stocked at Wemoto and are small enough to carry out on a ride for emergencies.

A plug alone is not considered a permanent repair fix, but is designed to keep you going until you can have the tyre professionally repaired or replaced. Always ensure that you are in a safe place to repair a tyre and that you are not in danger from any oncoming traffic.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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