Devil launches the GSR 750 Rocket for 2011

Devil Rocket for the Suzuki GSR 750 2011

Devil Rocket for the Suzuki GSR 750 2011

Earlier this year Wemoto became exclusive distributor for Devil exhausts and silencers. Devil have been busy at work in this time to launch the lightweight ‘rocket’ silencer for the Suzuki GSR 750.

This reinforced carbon fibre construction can with high-density fibre end cap is both rugged and stylish. The ‘Rocket’ silencer offers a larger body and internal volume than other cans in the Devil range to both accommodate the requirements of the large capacity sports bike engine, and to provide the distinctive ‘Deeptone’ note Devil is so well-known for.

Devil Rocket is not just a pretty face – Devil’s experienced engineers have expertly removed all excess weight, saving almost 2kg compared to the original equipment. Moreover, it provides a maximum power increase of 3.6 bhp.

Rocket Can

Rocket Can for the GSR 750

The Devil Rocket for the GSR 750 2011 is CE homologated and comes with removable baffle and one year manufacturer’s warranty for road use.

RRP is £463.00 including VAT.

If you’re interested in becoming a Devil Dealer, email

Information correct at the time of publishing

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