Ride like the Devil

Devil Race Replica for the 2011 ZX10R. Just one of the many designs available from Devil.

There’s a range of performance exhausts out there, and Wemoto’s chosen to become the distributor of Devil.

Devil themselves (in France) have been in the business for over 40 years making winning exhausts for race teams. With that experience they know exactly what is needed from a performance exhaust:

  • Power – that you can feel from the throttle, not just a few extra horsepower at top speeds.
  • Reliability – all Devil exhausts and silencers are made from top quality carbon fibre, titanium, or stainless steel.
  • Weight savings – the majority of Devil cans are 30-50% lighter than the original equipment.
  • Spare parts – Clamps, springs and plates are all stocked at Wemoto ready for swift dispatch should they been needed.

Devil Silencers

Here is just a selection of the Devil styles available.

Of course, there’s also those superficial things like…

  • Sound – Devil is famous for its ‘Devil Deep Tone’ and there’s many a tribute on Youtube to Devil’s roar.
  • Style – A choice of real carbon fibre (not a carbon effect sticker), titanium or shiny stainless steel are available for many models, and there are a range of devilish designs available. Having had them in hand we can say the finish on all of the above is fantastic, down to the welding on the downpipes.

There’s no point in paying a premium for an exhaust if you’re not able to use it – Devil make both race-only and homologated for road-use silencers and exhausts. All street exhausts come with a removable baffle which allows you to feel the real roar that Devil is capable of, and one years manufacturer’s warranty (for road use).

What’s more, a Devil can will enhance performance on a motorcycle even at stock settings. So if you want a quick fix a Devil can will do, although you’ll get the maximum benefit if you mod your set-up (such as air intake) as well.

Devil Spares

All Devil cans and silencers come with all the fittings you need. However, should you need replacements, they’re easily ordered at Wemoto

If you wanted proof of Devil’s workmanship, their most recent conquest was the Suzuki Endurance Racing Team (SERT), who won the 2010 World Endurance Championship and are looking good at the beginning of 2011 with their carbon fibre Race Replica exhaust system. Yes, you did just read ‘carbon fibre’ and ‘endurance’ in the same sentence; Devil’s carbon fibre ‘Race Replica’ exhaust system has been used by SERT to win the 24-hour Le-Mans and many more endurance tracks.

For more information or a list of Devil Dealers visit the Devil Website or contact sales@devilmoto.co.uk, or you can ask your local dealer to order in and fit your Devil for you. Alternatively, buy online through Wemoto.

Information correct at the time of publishing

2 thoughts on “Ride like the Devil

  1. Hy can you tell or send pics with devil exaust real carbon fiber and length size for honda vtr1000f firestorm .i already got one since the day i buy the bike.1999.but now i would like have new version an model with devil noise without db killer.thanks

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