Allballs Headrace Bearing Kits for On-road bikes

An Allballs Tapered BearingEvery movment you make to steer goes through the headrace bearings so it’s imperative they are good quality. A poor quality bearing wears quickly, gives vague steering and poor handling.

All Balls (USA) are devoted to making quality, long lasting bearings and components and now their entire on-road range of steering head bearing kits is available in the UK through Wemoto.

All headrace/steering head bearings must be replaced at the same time and the All Balls kits contain both heavy duty tapered bearings and the seals to go with them.

On models that originally take ball-type bearings or ‘cup and cone’, the All Balls kit upgrades with tapered bearings: these increase the weight-bearing surface area so have a higher load capacity and longer life.

Prices start at £18.79 and reach up to £39.50 for a full tapered headrace bearing kit (last update: 02-June-11)

All Balls Headrace Bearing Kit with Seals

All Balls Steering Head Bearing Kits come with both tapered headrace bearings and the seals. On bikes that take cup-and-cone bearings as standard, it is recommended to upgrade to All Balls Tapered Bearings; they can accommodate a higher load as it is distributed along a larger surface areas, and the tapered roller bearings will have a longer life than ball-type bearings

Fitments (the below links will take you to a page where you can select your specific model):






Harley Davidson










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