Banjo Bolt with Bleed Nipple

Banjo Bolt with Bleed Nipple

By making a banjo bolt that you can put the bleed nipple in, you can bypass trying to remove a stuck bleed nipple in your caliper

If you’ve got an older motorcycle you’ve probably been there – you go to bleed your brakes and find instead you break your bleed nipple. Now you’re stuck with the head in your hand and the thread in the caliper.

Bleed nipples, even stainless steel ones, are prone to corrosion. Even if you keep the bleed nipple cover on to keep the wet out, every time you bleed the brakes you’ll be inflicting wear on the head of the bleed nipple when you unscrew it. If your bleed nipple breaks or is resolutely stuck in the caliper, usually you have two choices – attempt to remove it, and risk damaging the caliper, or drill the remaining fragments out, retap the thread and use a bleed nipple one size larger, if you can find one. Either way can become very expensive.

Fortunately, there is a far easier alternative that few people know about.

Wemoto sell a banjo bolt and bleed nipple kit. This replaces the banjo on your caliper with one that you attach a bleed nipple to. So you can leave your old worn bleed nipple in the caliper, and just bleed through the banjo instead.

Heres the banjo bolt and bleed nipple in action, albeit in a new caliper as we dont have any with stuck bleed nipples lying around

Furthermore, should this new bleed nipple succumb to the same problem or corrosion or wear, the £4.13 RRP to get a new banjo and bleed nipple is far, far less than the cost of getting a caliper repaired.

These banjo bolt and bleed nipple are available as 10mm x 1.00mm thread or 10mm x 1.25mm thread and are available in our Brake Fittings section.

Have you tried this handy alternative? What did you think of it? Leave us a comment below.

Information correct at the time of publishing

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